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Azienda Agricola AgriŔ: Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil We use only the local finest olives varieties as the Cellina di Nard˛( used in pastry making too) the Ogliarola Salentina, the Leccina and the Coratina, these are selected to create blending harmonies or mono variety extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic properties. Thanks to the innovations of the harvest, pressing and milling methods it has been possible to reduce the processing times and so the organoleptic and nutritional properties have been maintained intact. Our extra virgin olive oil reaches your tables charged with the tastes and fragrances of our native land, and it is the result of the love for our territory and the passion for the mediterranean diet.

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Oleificio Costa: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Base Condiments from the Etna Mount.

Our products don't contain any aromas but they are only made up of olives and products rigorously cultivated in the fields that surrounds the Etna Volcano. Our il gives its best when used cold to season green salads, fish and roasted meats. Condiment with taste of lemon, mandarin orange, orange, garlic and chili pepper, chili pepper, oregano all with a base of extra virgin olive oil. Olive varieties: Blend made up of nocellara Etnea, biancolilla, moresca, nostrale, carolea and catanese, produce on the slopes of the Etna Volcano, in the Alcantara valley and Simeto Valley. The Ground is volcanic and with medium dough, olive oil trees height: 400-900 meters above the sea level. The harvest is hand made or made up with helping machineries when the olives are very matured in order to obtain a more delicate extravirgin olive oil, the squeezing out is made by 24 hours after the olives harvest.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Molise- Occhionero

Occhionero is in Molise, Portocannone locality. The varieties used for the production of the extra virgin olive oil are the "Gentile di Larino", the Leccino and the Peranzana. The olives are hand-picked up and they are wrought within 24 hour after the pick up. They are wrought through milestones, the extraction is cold made without adding any heat or solvent. Occhionero produces an high quality extra virgin olive oil endowed with a unique and fine taste.

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Frantoio( olive oil mill) Cutrera: since 1906

The strength of the Frantoi Cutrera company is the difference between the 3 ways of extraction that permits to adapt the technique of extraction based on the variety and the level of maturation of the olives, always succeeding in obtaining fruity, intense and balanced oils. The olives are wroughted in company olive-presses within 6 hours after the harvest. All the operations remade with scrupulous attention and through cold extraction. The harvest is rigorously hand-made in order not to damage the olive, which is a very delicate fruit, before the squeezing out.

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L’AZIENDA PAOLO BONOMELLI: From the Field to the Bottle

Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm is placed in Torri del Benaco, on the eastern side of the Lake of Grada, called "La Riviera degli Ulivi"(the olive tree coast) for its characteristics that particularly favour the production of extra virgin olive oil with unique properties. The morphological characteristics of this area and its the nature of its grounds of drumlin origin, the particular eviromental and microclimatic conditions with derives from the presence of the lake have favoured in the whole area, since the ancient times, the grown, the cultivation and the development of the olive tree, so to become the northest European territory in which the olive culture is spread. Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm is equipped with all the necessary structures and requisites to guarantee the monitoring of the production chain and the traceability of all the products during every phase of the production, under the direct responsibility of Paolo Bonomelli.

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I have just signed up for the next Frescolio Cutrera.
But tell me , what's the price for a bottle ?

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User: ( 05/08/2016)
Category/Topic FRESCOLIO Cutrera - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Fresco di Frantoio

a taste similar to others of high quality of that region and northern pulglia, superior to any Spanish oil I have tasted and many Italian and greek oils, has a little 'punch', and should last well, an interesting flavour
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User: andy ( 25/03/2016)
Category/Topic EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Molise DOP - Occhionero

we are located in ontario canada, can you please let me know in canadian currency the cost of the products and what is the amount total needed for shipping and what is thw cost for shipping
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User: red ribbon gift baskets ( 22/10/2015)
Category/Topic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Borgo al Lago


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